God’s forgiveness

We have always thought about God’s forgiveness. Will God forgive us? We did so many bad or even terrible things. Let’s start with a lovely story once told in a church.

It is about a man who got upset with his father and left his home. He did not talk to his parents for a long time, but one day he got a change of heart. He realized that he lost his way, and wanted to return home, but he was afraid that his father would not forgive him. So, he decided to send a short letter first about a month before planning his return and told his father that if he is forgiven, to hang a white handkerchief in the big tree in front of his house. That way he would know to come in or leave.

Now he was taking the train to get back home, but he had a problem. The train will pass his parents’ house before getting into the station. He was terrified to even look for the handkerchief.

Another man traveling with him saw the fear on his face and asked him what the problem was. He explains everything, and they agree that that man will look for him if the handkerchief is there or not but he will reveal it only when they arrive at the station.

By the time they are passing the house the man started screaming excitingly and said to look at his house. Was not that clear that he will tell him only in the station? When he looked, he could see no one but tens of handkerchiefs in the tree.

That is an excellent metaphor for Father’s forgiveness. We have only to turn our faces on God to find out that He had forgiven us already. If we do not do that, we will never know of His forgiveness, and we will be lost and punish ourselves all the time.