The virus

There was an idea that humans are not acting like mammals living in harmony with nature. We have been compared with viruses which are invasive micro-organisms. However, that is not true. We are the carrier of a virus, and that virus is a mind virus. We are being inoculated with ideas, and some of them are carrying dangerous diseases.
A western society created many of this viruses. We like medication and not meditation, we talk to the gadgets and forget about human communication, we love money and goods, and we remove the need for the divine goodness. We consume much more than we need exhausting and ultimately destroying mother Earth. Moreover, we have no right to do so.
Initially, those viruses were transmitted locally, but then they expanded their territories, and with accelerated speed, they propagated all over the world. The western society is the body carrying the disease. The thing is that many of the ways of western society are great, but as all the wrong things, those ideas took over.
What is happening when the viruses consume everything and create a massive imbalance? God, the universe, will restore the balance no matter what. What will be the cost? That will be us. We will remove ourselves from the picture.
It is evident that we have only two choices. Change our ways, or the ways are going to change us. It was happening so many times before and we still do not want to learn. We have heard about the myth called Atlantis. With our way, we may ask. Was that a myth? We are rapidly going in the same direction. All of us who became so greedy and drunk with power and control that we will not hesitate to create a new myth of Atlantis. We have the chance of stopping that. We should cease saying it is not our fault, get together and create a new way opposite to destruction. We are the creators. Let’s create tools for further creation and not for consumption.