The true meaning of Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and as usual, we are becoming a horde of intelligent animals hunting for presents. We would like to show our love to others by offering gifts. Is that the true meaning of Christmas, the true meaning of love? We forgot what Christmas is and what do we suppose to celebrate. We indoctrinate involuntarily our children, future generations, with the idea that Santa is rewarding the kind and obedient kids. As long as this is great for the little ones and this magic is kept alive, we believe that buying as many gifts as we can carry is an outstanding behavior for Christmas time. In reality, we are bringing false expectations in both cases. Mean kids receive tons of gifts because their parents are wealthy. The kids coming from low-income families get nothing or almost nothing, and they are becoming little by little angry since they were behaving year after year. Ultimately we will figure out that is no Santa, but we have created the wrong, and that may stay with some of us for the rest of our lives.
We cannot ban Santa but what we can do is to remember ourselves the real magic of Christmas. We celebrate the born of the Christ which is our renewal. We possess the Christ consciousness, and with Jesus being born we are being awakened. That is the true meaning of Christmas. With that spiritual awakening, we do what people should be doing. We become compassionate, we give and receive from others, and not necessarily goods but human forms of appreciation. We should feed the hungry or help the ones in need. We should remember that we are all a reflection of ourselves and the presents we should offer are the presents that we all need, love and peace. We should look for people who need help from us. Every simple gesture from all of us can have a meaningful impact on others. What else can we do for Christmas? We can make peace with ourselves and with others. Forgiveness is the key to all the happiness. We should forgive each other and not just by using words, but it should come from our hearts. Christmas is just a reminder to us, and we have to keep the flame alive at all time.