Merry Christmas!

Should we get offended if someone is telling us Merry Christmas, but we are not Christians? We should not say so. As spiritual people, we cannot negate the teaching of the masters. It could be Jesus; it could be Buddha, Mohamed or Moses it does not matter, we should embrace their teaching. We hear many times this politically correct wish: Happy holidays, which became ridiculous. We should wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah or Happy Ramadan and we should take the one that resonates with us. Why should we be offended? We accept all religions and all people as one. We are all the same; we are humans.

This politically correct opinion is meant to destroy all of the cultures, What would be the reason? It is simple. We must be controllable not opinionated. It is easy to convince people to buy gifts if they believe Christmas is about that. So, here we are celebrating Black Friday or Christmas deals. That is the big lie going around for so long. We hear so many times all the advertisement, and it is all about spending money and buy not useful stuff forgetting what we should be celebrating. We became the toys of the society. However, who is playing with us, the toys? That is the question that we must figure out.