How does it feel to be born?

We may think this is a crazy question. We may feel that we are all born, and it makes no sense to ask. However, let’s look a little deeper. Do we remember the feeling of being born? Do we remember the feeling of coming into this existence? Most likely we do not.
However, we can look at all the newborn babies. Do we have the feeling that they are happy? When asking such question, we may change our minds. Honestly, we did not see happy babies. The first impression is that they are not one single drop satisfied coming into this world. That is the shock, but the truth is that we have gladly accepted this adventure and not just accepted it, but we have craved for it.
When we come into this existence, we arrive into a world of duality. So what is the best idea to understand that? We come through pain and joy, pain to live the heavens and joy to get to have an earthly adventure. When we are born we experience that duality through many forms; sadness and happiness, enlightened and darkened, freed and limited.
Nonetheless, this beautiful world has the gift of knowledge. We can understand so many things following the experience of duality. We are deprived of light so we can recognize darkness, and in many types of shades, we are tested to see if we want to look for light, to return home or we are completely lost.
So, after what we said, do we still believe that we know how is to be born? Do we remember it all? Moreover, do we remember our origins? We do not, and that is our deal. We have to forget to see if we remember. That is all about. We have so many things to bring back to our consciousness, but one by one they will come to us. We only have to accept them as the truth. We are calling all of these lost memories, imagination, a chemical reaction in our brains or however we wanted to call it out of amnesia. We must beat the amnesia, but for that, we must desire to do so.