Can we teach ourselves to not feel pain?

Even if we can remove pain, it is not healthy to do so. Pain has a considerable role being a messenger telling us something is wrong. On the other hand, we can live pain-free. Not by remove the feelings but eliminate the root of the discomfort. We have to find the cause and fix it. Pain is coming with no exception from an energetic imbalance. It could be physical or emotional it does not matter, it has the same source mentioned above.
As we can see in all environments, our bodies, Earth, Universe, everything it is created with a precise and logical architecture, and the balance is the key to this great design. However, every imbalance is being compensated by the mother nature until the balance is restored. So, once again pain is not our enemy but rather our friend.
There are so many relatives to pain as depression, anxiety, stress which ultimately are the result of a very well know virus circulating with our concent over the whole world: the fear. Fear is the root of many of those painful diseases. We can safely say that fear is the root of most of the mental pain. We remove fear, and we gain the luxury of living pain-free. We have been taught fear all our lives, and that is the reason it is so difficult to obliterate it. However, it is doable. We have to start with the acceptance which is the father of all understandings.

We know acceptance since we have accepted to come here and play our roles in this performance. It was the first thought we had when we decided to have this life adventure. Now is the time to remember it all and move purposefully on our paths. That action will help us to remove fear, and with that, we can go through this experience not in pain but with joy and excitement.