Meditation intent

We may hear and read about happy people, who through meditation got rid of anxiety, depression or even physical problems. However, meditation is not intended for any of those. They are just secondary effects. Meditation is a tool that we can access so we can connect with God. The more we practice, the more connected we become. Through meditation, we come to a great realization, that we can listen to quietness and through that we find God. When we shut down the interference of our thoughts, which we may call it “Radio Junk” we discover that “Radio God” was always on the air. Anyone can listen to it without exception because we have the frequency receptor tuned in by design.

God does not need words to communicate. When we meditate, we became once more one with the divine. That is the reason all the fears and worries go away, and only love comes from the connection that we established.

In our western society, we have great meditation teachers, but most of them are afraid to send the message of God. They may lose the clientele. Maybe it is for good. We do not want to scare people away before giving them a chance. However, why are people afraid of the word God? It could be because we were separated for so long that we forgot about Him, or perhaps the word God was corrupted by intention. Someone wants to keep us in the dark for his or her interests. God knows!

No matter what, when we start meditation for one reason or another we will get back to the source, and that is our best intention and achievement in life.