The switch

Is awakening happens only through suffering? Many of us believe so, and that is blocking us from seeing the truth and make the step.

We love the stories of awakened people but not just that. We are listening how do they make the shift, and many of them got to that point through suffering, either a physical accident or strong emotional pain. Most of the stories presented are following the rule of current media: the bad things must be shown to impress the audience. It is not done on purpose most of it, but it is an indoctrination that we may not be aware of consciously. However, that is not the only way. We do not have to be afraid that we may not ever be awakened because we didn’t suffer enough. We have tried in the past to awake just by causing us suffering, blocking ourselves from anything that we desire but that is not the way. Only the fear keeps us from seeing the truth, nothing else. We have to acknowledge it and let it go. We have to allow the shift to happen, nothing else. The main reason some of us were being awakened through suffering is that because, before that nexus point in our lives, we refused to listen, we refuse to accept. That suffering was the last resort of shaking us, making us listen for once. Suffering was just a way to bring us back on the path and not a condition. However, there are millions of people on Earth being awakened just using the switch. We may call it the switch of God because it is just a way to show us the dark we live in is just happening because we forgot to turn on the light. When we do that, we illuminate our souls; we allow ourselves to see what we have denied before.