Anger vs peacefulness

Anger cannot bring any solution to the table. How do we know that? It is easy, from experience. The angrier we become, the more mess we are going to create. The energy of anger is low and is doing nothing but lower us until we cannot be any lower. We remember when being angry and respond to upset people with rage, this energy amplifies. We may even get to the point to become physical because this energy gets to us and taking control of ourselves. Later we have been asking: what got into us? It was the anger and behind the scene a massively inflated ego because anger does that very often.
On the other hand, peacefulness is acting similarly. When responding with calm and peace, that is coming from our hearts, we bring and amplify different energy, the one that makes us feel great and enlightened. We can cultivate that peace within us, and at some point it becomes us. That is what we are, and that makes us lovable people.
We have some obstacles in our ways when trying to (re)discover our inner-peace. The most prominent is the social system. We see on TV, at work, on we hear on the radio, all these angry people who are very “successful.” It is a definition of success defined by themselves, but some of us believed it. They have money, beautiful houses, multiple cars. We look at them, and we want to be like them, to have what they have. So, we are starting acting like them too. We hide our lies behind words. We keep hearing that we do not lie we play politics and that is needed, we get angry, treat people with rage, but hey, do not take it personally and so many other things that we try to cover. We came with all the explanations behind the scene so we can carry on with our actions without bothering our consciences. However, no matter what we invent, our true-selves, our consciousness, will not accept, and we know it, but the ego makes us ignore it. The ego needs all of those tricks to survive; we are just feeding it. Once we stop feeding the ego, we can achieve the most wanted inner-peace.