The Garden Of Our Souls

We, humans, like to complain a lot, we even find pleasure in doing so. Our minds are incredibly creative when is about complaining. We see thousands of “problems” we complain every single day, from weather to jobs, love life, leaders, governments even God. Yes, we complain about God too. What is this whining about? We love to live in the misery of our minds, creating a state of complete unhappiness. We like to be the victims but if we ask ourselves why is that, no one will be able to answer. Our consciousness is crying inside asking for joy and peacefulness, but no, our minds refuse that from the start.

One day in a grocery store, were two ladies waiting in line. It is the most unbelievable conversation ever. For about ten to fifteen minutes they broke the record. They complained about everything possible and impossible in this world. Nothing was right for them. When I asked them why do they have so many issues, they were surprised and said they only love complaining and those are not real difficulties.

We bring all this negative energy to ourselves, and nothing good can come out of it. Why are optimists happy and see the world differently? That is because of we, the optimists, cultivated our minds one seed at the time. We have a full garden of joyful flowers, where us the pessimists planted nothing and let the environment to take over. What happens to a garden untaken care of? That is exactly what is happening with our minds when we ignore taking care of it. All the wild plants will be invading the garden, and nothing could be saved. The analogy is perfect for our understanding. Every one of us wants to have a beautiful garden for our souls. It is not hard to cultivate and maintain this spectacular garden; we only have to be willing to do it.