Spiritual Selfishness

Spiritual selfishness sounds like a bizarre combination of words. How can we be selfish when we are spiritual? Well, it is possible, or at least a chosen path can make us egotistical. We all may have had a family before our awakenings. We get there, and we change our ways, dramatically. Our live styles do not match any longer our purpose. We realize that society is a significant impediment for all the enlightened people. We do not like watching TV or listening to the news, we see any issue as small and insignificant, we disconnect from one source and connect to another. Then what do we do? Some of us find a way out leaving their house and families to pursue the spiritual life. Fraternizing with people who understand us, we forget we have a contract with many people in our lives. That is spiritual selfishness and after all, is ruining its purpose. If we didn’t choose to be alone in this life, like Jesus, then we have to be with the people who got involved with us. Being spiritual should make us understand and love them more than before. Why should we leave them behind physically or mentally? Being spiritual we must be with them and if it is needed, to separate the spiritual conversations from people who do not want to go that way. Spirituality cannot be forced onto people. Every one of us is choosing his/her path even that we converge to the same point after all.
We have to be wise when selfishness gets in the way, and that is call spirituality.