The Power of The Heart

For so long we know that heart is the source of love. We use to say “I lost my heart to that girl” when we fall in love. How do we associate heart with love? The ancient people in Asia or Europe have known that heart is a center love energy. In Hinduism is called Heart Chakra. Egyptians believed that it was a moral compass and in Ancient Greece, it was considered the soul of the body.

Recently scientists have proved through experiments that the heart is incredibly intuitive and responds faster than the brain. A subject is asked to watch a computer screen that shows random images. Both, the brain and the heart were connected to a machine measuring the electrical impulses being sent out. It was amazing to see that in case of a traumatic picture the heart responded faster than the brain, but not just that, it answered even before the image appeared on the screen. The heart is still a mystery, but our intuition comes to know its power. The only problem is that we refuse to listen because our brain or better say the ego is overriding the message. So many times we took “logical” decisions that we fell in disappointment.

Disney Pixar has produced an excellent short animation movie that we mentioned before “Mind vs. Heart.”

Most of the decision that we make using our minds are fear based, and that would be the reason we can safely say they are not the right choices.

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