Is This Life The Last?

Many of us believe in reincarnation. We may remember some of our past lives, or fragments, as people or places and that could be very emotional and very enlightening. So, if we are in that category, we may want to know how many lives we had here? Is this the last life, or there will be many to come?
Knowing or wishing that this life is last, are different things. Here on Earth, life could be full of surprises, helping us to gain as much as we can from it. Some of us may think life is hard and we do not like to start again, or some think that we are complete and that is final. We may be wrong, and actually, we are incorrect most of the time. We are far from the ultimate achievement, and we will have to come back to help and to progress. We may be spiritual monks in Tibet, but that may not help humanity as much at the physical level, so, next life we may be a more integrated into a society helping others. Unless we have reached Jesus’ level, we know it is not the last life here on Earth.
I can speak for myself now. I wish, I did enlighten myself to the degree of a master, but indeed, I am not there yet.

One thing is for sure. We must achieve as much as we can in any life that we live. Even we may think we do not remember, all that we learn and experience will be used to build up more to our evolution and advancement in the lives to come. We should not be rushing out, but enjoy and live this life through its purpose.