Energy Vampires

This terminology refers to the people who steal energy from us. Have you ever noticed that there are people who we came in contact with and we feel suddenly sad and tired or irritated? These are the people we are talking about. They may not even have the intention, but they cannot help. As same as the strangers, we meet at the subway and they talked a lot to everyone willing to listen or engage in a conversation. They have the need to do so, taking away some of our energy. But that is not all. The most dangerous stealers are the subtle ones, the people who manipulate corporation, governments, and banks, to get more from us than they would have ever needed through the form of money. How is that energy? Well, it is, because to earn money we consume a lot of physical and mental energy. In return, we receive a salary or any other form of payment in money and that money as we can imagine is nothing but our converted energy. Without that, money does not mean anything. They are just pieces of papers. We wrote an article before about money. See it here.

Money are not evil, we make them so. We use the money to become vampires. The thing is that it is every one of us. We call them deals but in reality, somebody pays for us. We buy a foreclosure and without thinking about we enhance the energy consumed by the previous owner. Of course, we are just vampires children, the longtime money suckers are above us, hidden and afraid they will be discovered and impaled. We have to do something about that and the first step is to assess that situation. We have been tricked and we do not even think about it. We keep buying stocks hoping to make more money, expecting our neighbor’s stocks to go down and ours to go up. However, every energy that is directed artificially by a tremendous amount will create imbalance and ultimately damage. It is common sense. However, the universe balances everything out with no exception.