Following The Rules

We were born in a society full of rules and human-made laws. There are so many that it is even hard to take all of them into consideration. One may ask: it is good to follow the rules? Are those rules getting us anywhere? We should say that rules should be obeyed as long as they follow common sense. We know right away where a rule is right or wrong. We were talking in a previous article about the practice of being first, and that automatically gives us the right to have what another after us may not get. See I Was Here First for more information.
We must understand that following rules can get us to some point in our evolution, but that is not enough. We have all the rules what to do and what not to do, “The Five Precepts,” “The Ten Commandments” and many others. The thing is we can force ourselves to do so, but it must come naturally. That is a real awakening. All these rules must be points of reference. When awakening is happening, we have only one inner-rule, which comes from us being part of God, and that is love. Love for ourselves and others. Love will make all rules obsolete. When we remember what we are, that we are love, we love ourselves and all the creation. Doing so we cannot harm, we cannot steal, we cannot lie and so on. We keep hearing that from all the masters and messengers. It is as simple as that. Instead, we are being tricked to believe that following some rules we will reach heaven or if we do not, we would end up in hell. We should stop supporting those directions blindly and be more open to the divine. Only then the real shift will happen, and we will see heaven with our own eyes.


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  1. Suffer is to “Put Up” or “Put up with”.

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