God’s Help

All over the world, we see many wrongs or even horrible things happening and then we become a little upset. We have started asking questions as “Where is God?” or “Is God a good God?” “Why does not God help the ones in need?”

How do we expect God to do those things? We see a homeless on the street, and we may think God is not here, He does not listen. Look at that poor guy living in misery. Is that true? God is here. He has sent us to do his will, to help the people in need. That is the power of God. What did we expect? Some fluffy cloud coming and carrying us in the wonderland? God gave this dimension so much magic through people who come in, and that is you and me, it is all of us. If we refuse to do His will, why do we blame God? We are too picky, too greedy or also consumed by a society created by whom? That is still us. We can do and undo, but we have to be conscient of it. We must use the awareness that we brought in and not lose it in a lifestyle created by ourselves again. Every act of love and compassion can be used by any of us to explain God. We are God sent, and we are His help. We must stop blaming God because doing so we are condemning ourselves. We must take action giving the one in need because we are provided with every necessary tool. We have the power to change the wrongs and horrible things here on Earth. We lost the touch of the “Magic Mirror.” When we are seeing any human or other being in need, we look in that mirror. We are always many experiences of us, and that is God.