God Does Not Discriminate

Many of the movies, books or other materials, are talking about the chosen one, a person that is in good terms with God and becoming His messenger. The truth is that God does not discriminate. He does not choose one or another because He loves us equally. So, how can He choose? We should instead say that when we awake, we can choose to deliver His message. It is all up to us. All of us have been sent here for the same reason: to deliver His message. We have written a previous article “Am I The Messenger” which is explaining in detail who is a messenger and who refuses to be one.

No matter what we are all loved by God and just thinking that God loves me more than He loves you is just an egocentric thought. That is the start of going down the drain. When we start considering ourselves better than others and deserving more from God, we become just a toy of our minds. Many of us can say that believing in God all our lives and going to church, will bring us more from God than others will ever get. Let’s hear a great story about a landlord who had a winery.

One day he decided to gather his grapes, and since he had many lands, there was no choice but to hire people. He was known to pay well, one coin of gold per day, so, he did not have any trouble to find help.

Some of the workers came early in the morning; some came in the afternoon. When the work was done in the evening, the landlord started with the guys coming in the afternoon and paid them one gold coin. The guys who came in the morning were excited expecting that they will get two coins since they have worked twice as much. Surprisingly, they received a gold coin as well. A little upset they asked the landlord why do they receive only one coin?
“Is not that I have promised you?” replied the landlord.
“Yes, you did but the others working half day received the same.” said one of the guys.
“They did the work I asked them to do, and that is good enough. All of the workers deserve a gold coin.”

The landlord was God and we, the workers are His children. At any time we return to Him, we will receive the reward as promised.



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  1. LOL… Born Again is a personal relationship to BECOME a Christ/Spirit. That has no Body or Mind. Spirit has no color, race, sex, age. Energy cannot be created or destroy. You cannot follow Mammon and God.

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