The Politics

Most of us follow politics, argue and fight over political parties and believe life would not go on without politics.

What is politics? The word comes from the Greek “Polis” which translate into “affairs of the cities.” There are so many definitions of politics that if we ask any of us, we may give different answers. In short, we can describe it as achieving and exercising positions of governance and organized control over a human community. Do we like to be controlled? The pattern becomes sick since a minority of the people decide for the majority. The fact is that minority is becoming corrupted by its power. Politics at this time is the most corrupted activity in human’s history. In the name of politics, we lie and play dirty, covering our unwanted and not natural behavior in its name. We work against God. Everything that God gave us we take and trash it away. Doing so we have lost our humanity, and that will have significant consequences in our evolution.

We use to say that it is no perfect society. However, why do we have to accept it? The other day I was having a conversation with a colleague about people working in the cafeteria and how less they are paid. I said that it is not right, we should change this. We have a choice. Then he said: “Yes, we do have a choice. If we do not like it, we can change jobs. That is the way it is.” That was not what I was talking about. We became selfish thinking that is OK that if we have enough, and not carrying about others. However, people refuse to see it. What do we do? We accept every political decision, and we allow all the people who lost their ways to continue. More than that we are engaging in politics ourselves at all levels, at work, at home and everywhere else. We must stop mimicking our unhealthy leaders. Did Jesus got involved in politics? He avoided at all time. When he was dragged to answer the question if we should pay taxes he said throwing away a coin: “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” People love that because that was the truth that resonates with all of us.