Our Social Media Status

Social media applications have bombarded us, and it is looking that this attempt to destroy humanity will not stop. We have been since we do remember, in our history, social beings. We have not been physically aggressive compared with the animals around us, but still, we have survived endorsing power through communities. That is a great achievement that it may lead us to an even higher understanding. We are all one, and we have to stand for each other and help as much as we can.
On the other hand in the era of the technology we have created tons of internet social media sites, and we became obsessed with them. As long as we may understand what people behind are trying to do, we ignore it. We connect with thousands of people just because we want to have more “social media friends.” More than that we are trying to picture ourselves as something we are not. We show ourselves as prosperous, happy and taking selfies with tongue out, or showing ourselves traveling to luxury places, bars, restaurants or any public areas showing the world we have fun. Everything becomes a tool to inflate the ego to enormous proportions.
More than that we care so much about what others are saying about us that we become the standard of others destroying our identity. We are trying so hard to fit that we are willing to do what others are doing just because it is cool.
When we were trying to spread the word of God and connect with people who resonate with us, we thought that through social media we could find such people. Then we realize sooner or later that all so-called “Spiritual groups” are composed of people who want to inflate their spiritual ego if that such term exists. Things like “I am so blessed for my gift,” “This is my last life, who else is with me,” “I feel so spiritual” or “You don’t know the Bible, let me tell you” are blooming on all of these channels. Everything is about “me,” “myself,” “I.” We keep posting pictures showing our great body, great happy faces, cars, boats, homes, and places we can afford. It is a disappointment to see all the energy spent in a wrong direction and again becoming devoted slaves of our egos.
We must stop this madness. We must be humbled, and we must share our knowledge and gain from others knowledge. That is how a community supposes to be. Communities should be built on people having something in common to share, but most of us are sharing nothing but egocentric thoughts.