Praying For Forgiveness

More and more we ask God for forgiveness. We realize that forgiving and being forgiven it is a huge step in advancing the class. One major thing we have to understand. God forgives everyone who wants to be forgiven. However, the answer that we receive may not be the answer that we want. Let’s start with a short story of life.

Once upon a time was a beautiful woman that was forced into marriage. Her new husband was far away from being an angel. He was always upset with his life, and even though he was wealthy without worrying for tomorrow, he was never happy. He never knew to appreciate life. Moreover, he made his wife’s life miserable. They never had kids and the wife even though she was a pleasant person, starting hating her husband. From that point forward their lives became a living hell. Time passed, and later in life, the lady turn more to God and ask for forgiveness. She realized that hating her husband and doing many wrong things after all was a mistake. Every day morning and night she was praying harder and harder. She became a better human being helping others as much as she could. She donated money, helped with building a new school and a new hospital.

One day after so many prayers when she was convinced that God forgave her, her husband had an accident, and he was mobilized in the bed for the rest of his life. She became so upset with God. Why is that happening to me? After all these prayers and good deeds, I am punished so hard. My husband has hurt me all my life, and now it is me again that I have to suffer for him?

She received her answer from God, but she never understood it. She had to forgive to be forgiven. Forgiving her husband and taking care of him will help her to forgive herself which is nothing but God forgiveness.

When we are doing good in life and helping others, it must come with love and compassion, from the heart, not because we think that will benefit us in the afterlife. That beautiful energy that we feel helping others will benefit us, after all, helping us to forgive and be forgiven.


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  1. I accept your Free Will in human form and respect the American rule of law for human social behavior. Will it buy your Stairway to Heaven? Not so much…

    Mark 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

    Earth is a proving ground for each to Follow and SEEK the light and truth. Not do what Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Christ or Muhammad could not do. SAVE EARTH and all living things

    Force others to do what only they can do. The purpose of LIFE ITSELF. Self-Realization is a Lonesome Journey. You have to WALK it by YOURSELF, no one else can walk it for YOU.

    I solidly forgive bad behavior. I do not forget events of my life. until I leave this earth. Excuse me if I duck or move a different direction than your Arrows of outrages Fortune. I cut people out of my life all the time. Less they turn my life to DARKNESS. Me screwing their wife or taking their Shelter.

  2. I lost my only son and child raise by both my wives. I wrote this not to be lost in my own sorrow. No forgiveness OWE or ASKED. Though I know it was coming before it did.

    OULSHINE (a Father, a Son and the Holy Ghost)

    Josh, a big piece of my heart flew away that day
    And I will never again hear you say or see you play

    Your life was just starting
    And now your parting

    I will never feel your warm heart
    Or see your family start

    I won’t see you with another Link
    Or leave my dishes in your sink

    I will not be able to share the fun
    But my life will express our thoughts and the things we have done

    As our earthly experiences fade away
    With each and every day

    The joy we shared in all that we have done
    Will warm my heart just feeling the sun or having fun

    Even as I moonshine
    I will see you in natures sign

    I may not see you on the slope
    But I will always see you in the dope

    The art you have left here
    Will soar others hearts so near

    You came to and left me in that perfect light
    And now you continue on your eternal flight

    It maybe selfish for I do not need another sign
    Before, Here and After, Josh your Soul will always shine

    So I ask you all, make a Toast
    To a father, a Son and their life together with the Holy Ghost

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