Why Are We Bored?

That is a fascinating subject. Many times we are getting bored, we have nothing to do. Then, we are looking to watch movies, play games, or calling someone and talk nonsense for minutes or even hours. What is being bored? Why is that mental feeling crawling in? Being bored is nothing but the mood created by our minds when we lose interest in the current activity. The thing is, we are taught to lose interest in any activity. Everything that is promoted to fill our emptiness is done with the financial scope. All of that is having a damaging secondary effect: unhappiness. Suddenly, when we are bored, our minds are telling us we are unhappy. In fact, we would say is the other way around. Unhappiness creates the feeling of boringness. We use to say “we are bored with life.” That is an unfortunate statement, but that is the feeling of many people around the globe. We are looking for so-called “excitement” in our life. Water parks, cinemas, bar, restaurants, internet shopping, all those things that bring temporary and fake happiness and moving our minds away from the “boring part” within.
In the current society, this methodology starts imprinting early from the age of five and up. We do not see or have that feeling of emptiness when we are younger than that. As toddlers happiness is not related to the exterior environment and as such, no dull reaction can attack us through our minds. We watch our kids being happy, laughing and enjoying their lives only by hugging them and making them feel our love. That is happiness.
We may understand the mechanism of money-making-machine that some of us are using in vain to fill their emptiness, but that is not enough. We must stop acting on it. We must stop trading our energies for an illusion. We should understand more, that we cannot fill infinite with finite. We are beings created by an infinite God and to fulfill our emptiness we have to return to infinite, the infinite love of God. That will bring back happiness in its pure form not through material things or emotional manipulation.
We have been injected every day with the virus of illusory happiness, the virus of forgetting who we are and we slowly become sick. Generation after generations are carrying and inheriting this sickness and it is becoming harder to get rid of it. However, we are not left alone. The power of God is infinite, and it is no virus that can overcome that. We must stop the time and listen to Him. At that moment we will receive the anti-virus, the one that we were looking for all our lives.