What Do We Tell Our Children?

Our children are curious about everything. It is part of our experience here on Earth. We want to learn and experience as much as we can, and that brings us many questions. Of course, as a child, we turn to our parents to ask questions and sometimes we, as parents, could be in real difficulty.
One thing kids want to know is what happens after we die. We may be very religious; we may be atheist or scientists. We may have no idea what is the best answer. We may even start thinking that we may hurt them with our pragmatic response.
Whatever we plan to do we must be honest with our children. This question is a little tricky because of our belief system. We may know or believe what is happening after death but that is our point of view. We are trying to teach our children to the best of our knowledge but sometimes, if not most of the time we are wrong. Answering that question must start with “I believe that after death” and then should be our truth. We may say we will leave this body and go to Heaven, or we may say as atheists, we die and stay dead. There could be many answers, and all of them may be true from each specific point of view. Whatever the answer we give, we must not be too bold. We must leave some space to our children to discover it for themselves. After all, everyone is entitled to discover his/her own truth. We are indoctrinated from generation to generation, and we need to stop that. Somebody’s else belief system is passed onto us, and we must believe it without hesitation. Many of us get upset even when our children do not believe what we tell them to believe. However, that is not fair. Everyone must have his/her judgment to find the way. When we solve a problem by ourselves, is giving us more satisfaction and is most likely that we will never forget how to do it again. Sometimes, we do not want anyone to solve it for us. However, does not mean that we cannot give guidance, because without guidance we may get lost for a while.