We came a long way and many of us have moved through many stages of awakening. Living in a communist country for more than twenty years I was taught to be an atheist. Those twenty years were the first of my life so that you can imagine; there was a significant impact on my being. Now I am laughing thinking back. I was asking myself question as many people do today. Where is God? I cannot see him. We have telescopes; we flew into space and god is nowhere to be found. There is no heaven, and there is no God. We are just a happy accident; I used to believe. We have learned that in school and as good students, we have listened.

The thing is that no matter what we have taught, sooner or later we all will come to remember, we don’t have to discover who we are, we don’t have to search to find the origins, we just have to remember.

We have the first awakening realizing that God is there helping and listening to us all the time. There are too many “coincidences,” hard not to believe that they have been arranged for us. The beauty of awakening is that we just know. Is not a matter of belief, is a matter of knowingness, and no matter what others are saying does not affect us because we know, we have made the jump from being a believer to being a knower.

We only have to remember!

We use so much this word every single day: “remember.”

Let’s do a little bit of research because re-member itself it is a fantastic word. If you look in the dictionary you will find the following:


have in or be able to bring to one’s mind an awareness of someone or something that one has seen, known, or experienced in the past.

But then I was interested in the prefix “re.”


a prefix, occurring initially in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” to indicate withdrawal or backward motion

So, “remember” is, in fact, to be a member again. And that is a member of what? Then God gives us the answer: A member of God because that is how everything started. We are all sons and daughters of God and while your son is part of your family we are part of God’s family. We are God, same as our sons are us.

God created us, or we can say we are a spark of God. We have been made with love, and we are love. Moreover, the more we remember, the more awareness of love we have.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your Being and View:

    1. Life in a Communist (United Workers), Capitalist Own, or Individually Free Country (government and Business),
    2. AND Believing or Believing Not (NAME of Existence)
    3. AND Life is an Accident of Nature (created by a MIRACLE bank and evolving rotting bacteria with a DNA or Created by a Super Human Father of flesh and matter
    4. AND Creation is the existence of consciousness/light/energy by a Creator of Nature or Nature’s God so C the Science we have Found in Nature and Nature’s GOD.

    Well spoken and strong Objective Observation of existence and truth.

    Let me give you my Perspective of the Truth you discuss. From my perspective with 2 additional Caveats,

    FIRST: None of the above are a simple DUALITY within Nature. Meaning their are not necessarily Mutually Exclusive. Human Nature is selfishness. From birth to death matter changing form.

    SECOND I see life (organic and inorganic as Energy Cannot be Created or Destroyed. Matter is Energy.

    What great Scientist: Does not admit. Human do not KNOW 1) HOW Life BEGAN, 2) WHEN Life Began or WHY Life Began or What CREATED existence or Matter is Energy and Energy is all that exists in the Universe or existence.

    What Great Philosopher or Prophet does not define 2 worlds: 1) physical material world and 2) Spiritual world. Each with a method or path to become aware or enlightened.

    Matter is flesh and light is Spirit/Energy. Science not Complete does not Deny REALITY. Opinion is a delusion of ego. Opinion has EGO (emotions, wants, desires, sense pleasure (needs)) FAKE Motivation. Until perfected in truth and light. Each individual must realize in their own BEING beyond body and mind flesh.

    The truth is Science knows only what it know that already existed before they new it existed already. Philosophy is all the Science known and from what it does not know and educated Guess by Objective Observation of Repeatable Nature (science) what man does not know yet. Little Green men by supposition, speculation or a Golden Thrown etc. Nature and Natures GOD is Objective Observation of Repeatable Nature and practice of living in Spirit not of the physical material world. Being a Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, or Moses. Not being their Flesh or worshiping their Flesh being them or another same reflection of existence.

    Jesus said this:

    John 3: unless you are born of flesh and born again spirit you cannot see or enter the spiritual world.
    John 4: God is a Spirit and must be worshiped in SPIRIT.

    Government: Is man made and man has not developed a Government of LIFE, LIBERTY or PURSUIT OF Happiness on this earth. It has not made WORKERS and Owners or Rulers equal. By the nature of Man. Business is not equal and fair by the Profit motivation of human nature, Democracy is not equal and fair between 2 Parties, Power and Wealth and Fake Knowledge PUSH by News Syndicates, Social Media of all o the above who party together, but sell there opposite wares to the masses on Breitbart and Huffington Post -Greed and Countries, states and individuals Murder, Steal, Use, Cheat and hate. In an imperfect physical material world of this world, not of the Spiritual World.

    You show much spirit awareness and enlightenment not of this world. This world has a long way to go But the mass holds back the physical world from perfection because we each are on our single journey and our single Wants, Desires, Emotions and Sense Pleasures (needs) and those who USE, PUSH and SELL for selfishness of flesh.

    So keep living the life and allow all to grow into the truth and light. BE HAPPY, but resolved to perfect you body, mind and soul. And most importantly don’t interfere with the Individual Journey of others.

    Thank You for the freedom of you expression and the success of your JOURNEY..


    1. Thank you so much for you great comments. If you do not mind, I suggest that you should write your own blog. You have wisdom and passion to share with the world and that what world needs more than anything.

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