What Differentiate “Good” From “Great”

Regarding semantic we can talk forever about good vs. great, but that will not be the subject of this discussion. What makes us be good humans and what gives us the boost to become great humans? In a physical world, the difference is noticeable. We can become great with more and more training and native talent in a specific field, and that is just a matter of comparing us with the rest of fellow humans. We see great players watching sports on TV, or we know great authors, great teachers and so on. We realize that all of these people have reached a level way above the average and that makes them great.

What is happening in a spiritual world? How do we become great, like the masters walking this Earth? Is there a secret, is there special training we can have? We can say there is training, not a physical one but a practice through the heart, the practice of love.

Let me tell a story about a dream that my daughter received to pass to me. Sometimes children are better receptors than us and they do not forget their dreams as fast as we do.

She was telling me that we were in a hotel on the main floor, and there was a terrace we could access directly from our room. Suddenly a homeless entered, and asked us for money. I offered him money and food, but he was not fully happy, and he would refuse to leave. More than that, he started yelling at me. I asked him politely to leave telling him that is not fair to yell at me since I was a good man and I gave him more than he would have ever expected. Then he said: “You are a good man, but you are not a great man.” There is an easy way to interpret that dream. We are good, we spread the word of God but to become great, we must keep God in our hearts at all time. We should never let Him leave the room. That what Jesus has done and that is how we know him as a great man, the true Son of God.