I Am Your Slave And You Are Mine

We may think that is a paradox. How can that be?
We have created a world that is presenting our reality through the eyes of others. How many times have we stopped doing certain things only because our neighbors would not agree with that? “I cannot wear that suit. What are the people going to say?” We worry much more about others opinions than our own. Moreover, we stop manifesting our uniqueness early in life, and that is because we have become judgmental. Our children want a specific item, a phone or a pair of pants, just because everyone else has it. Even if they do not like that item, they are made to believe they do, because otherwise, the kids will make fun of them in school, which is what? That is again judging. How did we get to this habit? Why do we judge? We are slaves of our minds. Some of us created a fake reality that brings them material advantages. The worst part is that we have accepted that reality. We become attached to it, and that becomes our way of life. Later we are imposing our reality on others, without even knowing is not what we have created but a borrowed one. Moreover, we accept others imposing their realities on us. Overall all of us become confused, without remembering nor knowing our own truth. We became each other’s slaves. If we want to break the habit, oh God we will be punished badly. We will be judged and marked as crazy, and if we persist, we may be excluded from society with a bold label on our front head: socially awkward. Even our own family will turn against us. Our children may come back from school saying: “My colleagues called my father awkward and they did not want to play with me any longer.” We have to pay for breaking free and even if some of us are trying they will be defeated. They will go back in line. However, we must break free. We must express our creativity. Everyone must do that. It does not mean we have to get in the way of others and we will not because that kind of freedom comes with respect and love for each other. We will stop judging ourselves first and then everyone else. That way anyone can become self-actioned.