Observe And Do Not Judge

What does it mean? If we observe and get to a conclusion is not that judging? As long as the conclusion drives us to our purpose, it is not judging. We do not put the label on it saying is good or bad. We are looking at that observation and acknowledge it. If it resonates with us it is great, if it does not, does not mean is bad, but it means we have to do something about it, we must change it in a way that will please us. All the things that we consider wrong in our life can be incredible points of reference that move us in the desired direction. From that point of view, they are right, is not that so? Every negative experience makes us appreciate all the positivity that we face during our lives. We could not evolve if we do not experience the negative since we will not be able to point to the positive. That is the primary purpose of the duality in this world.

Using that mechanism, we will advance the path letting things come and go, and that will bring peace and content in our lives.

Observing is an excellent lesson in meditation as well. When we are practicing meditation, and the thoughts come, we do not judge, we observe and let them go. That is the philosophy of an enlightened life. When we experience everything as observers, we can detach from all the events that bring sorrow and unhappiness, and in fact, we can detach from any event. We understand the idea of acceptance, and with that, we can evolve without being stuck in the past or future. We may accept what happened to us or that we are going to die someday in the future. That will simplify the path that we have to follow. Accepting we remove fear which is the root of all misunderstandings and bitterness.
As observers, our lives can be amazing adventures. We can realize the perfection of the world, of the people and any being as a matter of fact. We can watch the night sky in amazement without asserting to ourselves “That is beautiful.” We know is beautiful and all the beauty of the word can seamlessly harmonize with our inner-being when we are the observers.


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  1. kenfales says:

    “We could not evolve if we do not experience the negative since we will not be able to point to the positive. That is the primary purpose of the duality in this world.”

    Well said!

  2. Very self introspective? Reacting day to day life of matter conscious and peering into Spiritual/Light and Energy consciousness . The Objective Observation of the ASIS of the Universe and happen sense.

    I can see you leading or following real close as Your Buffalo heard runs over a cliff. I choose to run in the Back of the Pack once by luck to see “their hapless” non-reacting effect of Blind Following. Actually have led the pack way from the Cliff. By planning and forward scouting or mapping the route…

    I do not escape the HEARD for mere reaction or acceptance of “ASIS”.

    By perfecting by Body, Mind and the light and energy within. I can take an give what ever I Choose of Nature and this Matter World. I can dive deeper and deeper into the center of the Universe within. Understanding and BEING the source of JOY, BLISS and PEACE the is all the unending Light and Energy of the Universe. In this matter world I perfect my bobbing and weaving from all negative behavior, thoughts, and evil negative harm of my Action and their Reactional effect on others and nature’s cause and effect.

    Still an Observer but the ACTOR on a Stage of Life. I do not do not CREATE the Movie of life. Just play the TOBE. Letting ASIS be what it will. Kayaking on top not the bottom of the stream. Still flowing and unfolding as it should. In meditation I perfect my trip by of JOY, BLISS and PEACE by visualization, steering and being in Positive journeys into endless Space and Time Beyond the physical material world, without a body or mind. Always picking the light not the darkness of a Ted Bundy, War and Hate. That only creates Hate and negative energy I must work off. I have a name I see as the Cosmic Consciousness of the Universe, not the nature of matter changing form of the physical material world of ASIS and Change to maintain. I see an eternity of living beyond the stars into the light within all creation. This light and Energy has no end. it is Natures GOD of creation and the Creator.

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