How To Attract People

“Be the light; people are attracted to it.”
We hear many times that the opposites attract. However, that is not true. Negative and positive do not attract. The reason negative combines with positive is because negatives are not compatible. Imagine a couple who always argue and fight, being angry with their lives. They will never attract. Instead, they will maintain and enhance their negative energy. At some point that energy becomes so low in frequency and so intense, that life will become a nightmare.
What happens when negative combines with positive? Imagine we mixed black and white paint on the canvas panel. We get something in between if the paint is added in equal quantities. If it is more white, then the mix will be closer to white, if it is more black, then black will be predominant. That is what happens in real life. When we are extremely positive, we will shine, and our energy will spread to others. Same with the negative energy. However, we are a little different than painting. We can create shields that protect us. When people are always fighting and let their anger to take over, we have a choice to look at them with compassion. That will make us immune. We create without even knowing a shield that reflects and dissipate the darkness. More than that, we become intense light.

Imagine a beacon of light on the top of the mountain in the middle of the night. People who are lost have the choice to move toward the light or walking still into the darkness. The ones who come to light realize that they are not alone and they can help each other, and the fear goes away. Others going through the darkness feel abandoned and afraid, and they may never find a way out.

We all can be that beacon of light. Doing that, we attract and illuminate many others, making them remember that the light is always within. Once they are out of the darkness, they see it clearly, and they become light themselves.
We may not see one beacon, but if there are thousands of them, we will notice. All of us will be attracted, all of us will become light.