Soul Starvation

Can a soul die? We have always asked that metaphysical question. Our souls never die, but we still can damage ourselves, because souls are our true selves. The soul energy has to be maintained in proper conditions, and if our minds take over, we are starving our souls. We do not offer the right environment and conditions to flourish, and we sync less and less with its vibration. As we said, we cannot kill our souls, but we keep them in a stasis state. We keep them asleep and let the mind and the ego to create and shape a sick reality. Desperately, the souls try to communicate, and if we refuse to listen, we may get in trouble. As our minds build false realities, our body follows. Our anger, fear and all the negative energies sicken our bodies. We are doing it to ourselves. Later we may ask why we are so miserable. Why everything is falling apart, and happiness keeps going in a different direction? We know the answer, but we do not like to say it out loud.

To keep the consciousness in good shape without admitting our fault we create new movements hoping we may do the right trick. We say we are cursed and never can be happy. We may also say that our destiny is set and there it is nothing we can do about it. Our mind is so creative when we want to find excuses that we work day and night to find something that is at fault, but not us. It is the environment, the people, the universe or God himself. We can play this game as long as we are here on Earth, but when we pass on the other side, we will have no choice but take responsibilities for our actions. Nobody is judging us but ourselves. We are pure energy, and we are the best judges. However, at that point, we can offer nothing to change our doings. The only thing is to recover from our soul starvation and start over. Doing so, it is not hard; it is limitless and timeless. We will get it right eventually, and when the time comes, we will go happy and content having nothing to worry about. We have heard or seen people smiling on the death-bed, and their faces were glowing. That is how we should go when we complete our mission successfully.