The Soul Reflection

Have you ever got blinded by the reflection of the sun in a building?
We all know that is not the sun but merely a reflection same as our reflections in the mirror when we prepare ourselves to go to work or a reflection of a tree in a lake.
We all know those are not real images and we smartly say they are false representations or an illusion.
How about us? Are we a reflection of something else? Moreover, we are not talking here about our bodies but us, the real us, that spark of light that came into existence. We heard many times that our eyes are the gate to our souls. What does that mean?
We are a reflection, and our bodies and minds are the mirrors, the surface of the water we may say.
Once we are born, we reflect on the baby’s bodies, innocent, pure and comfortable. In time the mirror gets distorted. We forget about us, and we project a false reflection. Lies, gossips, fear, anger, and other harmful emotions and feelings came from the mirror, and we know no more of us. Moreover, our eyes and faces transform and show us that something is wrong. We feel the pain of that transformation, and no matter what we do, we must rediscover or better said remember that great feeling at the moment of birth, that pureness of a perfect being that we are. Inevitably we will remember, and we call it “The Awakening” because we have been sleeping all this time. However, once we do, we return to our right and flawless spirit. That is a master feeling that helps us to know and express once more our gratitude for living this beautiful life.
We know the expression “That is the spirit!” and that is nothing but an accurate reflection of our souls, happy, compassionate and content.