The Library of God

In our world, we create everything trying to copy whatever God put in front of us. Seeing birds fly so beautifully in the sky, we build airplanes. We see the Sun, and we build the light bulb. Everything that we create is an invention at smaller scale mimicking of the universe around. Extrapolating a little let’s talk about the most significant machine that we have created, the computer. We mimic and try to put many brains in one. We (re)created short and long time memory and attached that to those machines. Moreover, we do not stop at that. We have created the most extensive library, the search engine to store and find everything that our minds develop and the information floating all around us.
The latest gig is the cloud computing, a space of wanders and accomplishments and we share everything through the cloud, of course paying for it. What is the cloud in God’s world? What did we copy it from this time? Well, we are trying to achieve “The Library of God.” We can give it many names including “Akashic Records” or the “Soul Storage,” but the idea is that everything that happened, happens or will happen is in there. Every thought, event, emotions that took place here in a physical world is recorded. In scientific terminology, we are talking about information and trace of energy that can give us the actual event that ever happened. Any event leaves a trail behind. The question is that why are we trying to reinvent the wheel? Why can we try to use the wheel that God created? Why cannot access the “Library of God?” We hear every day that does not exist. We have been deceived, but maybe some of us still access it even at this time and keep it as a secret. If that is true, then those who discovered that information are not with God. They used God’s tools but rejected Him. God is sharing without discriminating. Will we be able to access that library? We are doing already. We are writing books, movies, invent new technologies, and that information is God sent. We have checked in the library.


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  1. Nothing you say is mutually exclusive with what I am about to say.

    In science is defined as objective observation on Repeatable Nature. You speak of birds and planes. Man creates nothing in nature. Just with Objective Observation of nature do we understand and create HUMAN Tools. Not unlike gathering food, clothing, shelter. Today we have the computer, cities and made gathering extinct with major problems of overpopulation and consumption of resources that cannot be replaced.

    Man cannot effect nature, natural law, natural laws. Science has defined Matter is energy and the Universe is Energy. Nature and nature’s God. Is observe in the matter states (Waking and Dream states) relative to Consciousness and Sub-Consciousness.

    Man can control his behavior, not Nature or natures GOD. Like FDR changed farming practices and planted vegetation to Change Climate Effects of the Dust Bowl.

    Still the flesh/matter does not create nature, simply man defines what already existed in nature. Matter is continuously changing form but energy is eternal and cannot be created or destroyed.

    The relationship of flesh/matter to GOD (Cosmic Consciousness of the Universe. I a Born Again from Flesh of body and matter to Spirit/Light/Energy Consciousness (waking, dream (with a body)and Super Consciousness (without a body).

    Quantum Physics is proving there is no separation of individual Spirit/Energy Consciousness and Super Consciousness. It does not matter in matter that has need to sustain a body in the eternal life of Each Individual Spirit’s Realization they are Spirit. Except to individual energy source (soul). The matter recycles are for expanding the individual Soul. Not making Heaven on Earth. Man-made delusion in temporary time and space even the evolution of DNA or Procreation of maturing matter. A vehicle to become ONE Consciously with the GOD, In meditation we leave the body wants, desires, emotions and sense pleasure experiencing Super Consciousness.

    1. You are perfectly right. We did not get to the level of evolution to create nature, and maybe it is for good since our minds are still destructive. We should not alter nature while we have not enough or we may say no knowledge. As a matter, we should leave the nature alone. Lao Tzu said it so beautifully “Man is ruled by Earth. Earth is ruled by Heaven. Heaven is ruled by the Way. The Way is ruled by itself.”

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