Motorized Humans

Recently I heard people talking as I did way back when I was in the army, counting the days to go back home. They were talking with excitement about how much more until retirement. One of them said excitedly “Only seven years” and the other a little less excited “ten more for me.” That conversation is a sad story of all of us. We are plugged in, and we forget about our lives. We have been programmed to think that having a happy life can happen when we retire and not one moment before. We are so convinced that life is hard and full of unexpected, unfortunate events, that we forget to live. We pass through life like robots. We have become motorized humans that have no direction but only an engine. Living in Romania, we used to joke saying that we discover that is life even before death, but we come to realize that jokes like that are universal. We keep moving faster and faster missing the essential things through our existence. We spend more time working a job than playing with our kids. We want to make more and more money, and we forget to love out of tiredness. That is a real drama. We must slow down and look around. We would be amazed by the beauty of the world. When our speed is low enough, we could see all of the God’s creations. We miss so much in this life, and that is not fair. We have been given a life, and we are trying so hard to waste it.
When we love life, life is going to love us back. When we fear death; we do not live the life, we just do not die. We must enjoy life as kids, or as adults before and after retirement because life is a great gift from God.


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  1. Cannot disagree with you. Life is a Miracle that man and each of use does not create. On this stage of life. We an only Play the Part. Be the best we can be to be as free and loving of life as we can without harming anyone

    I too served. Just 3 years. Could not get out quick enough. But serving was great. We all were on the same ship, sink or swim. Far from the tracks the separate most human lives in the USA or living in a body and mind of Selfish Nature.

    I did great in the Service. I understood phony and real and the 2 could not be the same. Success was living in between. That helped me succeed out of the military. Mainly because the military taught me to not compare myself to other. Perfect my body, mind and soul and Accomplish my purpose or Mission.

    Today I am much outspoken. Not because I do not know sugar caches more flies than stone. But I simply live for Truth, effort and ability. Not trying to collect flies of popularity and praise.

    So GOD is the name (man-made) of the Creation and creator. The science and the existence of life. Science does not know WHY, HOW or WHEN life began. Maybe never will. Has nothing to do with Living in Joy and Bliss and minimizing Pain and Sorrow by BAD BEHAVIOR of each of us. “Live and let Live”

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