What Do We Want The Most?

What do we want in life the most? That is a question with thousands of answers but behind the scene is only one answer.

In the world, a surrogate God was born and is called money. We worship money so much that it is becoming number one answer to that question. People will answer even without thinking,”I want to be rich.” Why do we want so bad to be rich? We see that rich people are living happily ever after in luxurious places. They have servants, and they do not need to do any work. We want that, do we? However, there is a sentence that said: “happily ever after.” We want to be happy, and we believe that the Money God is going to offer that. It is obvious, we see wealthy people on the TV, and they have big smiles on their faces, they laugh, they joke, and we are fascinated with them.

Recently one of the actresses from my country where I a was born, passed away, and my mother-in-law informed me since news are obsolete for me. She was telling me that she died, but she had everything in life, so she died happily. I ask my mother-in-law if she was missing anything in her life to be happy. She was traveling the world, she has beautiful children, she did not miss a meal and now being retired, she has a nice place to live. Her answer is “Yes, I am happy but not as happy as that actress.”

It is clear what is happening with us. We want to be happy by comparison, by some other’s standards. With that idea in mind, we are chasing fake illusory happiness. We want to be the happiest which is a wrong expression. We are happy, or we are not happy. When we say “Living in New York City I was the happiest in my life” it means that we did not meet happiness, but the illusion we have talked about.

Other answers to this existential question are:

“I want sex” or “I want to be number one” or “I want to be famous.” With age, the answers vary, but one thing remains always. We want all these things because we believe that those things will bring happiness, will make us stop searching. Moreover, do they? Are all these rich people happy and content? Most of them are not. With money and fame, we want more; we become greedy, we become slaves of our ego. Happiness is what we have as a state of being when we are born. In time we forget it and start looking for it. There are only two ways we can be happy. We should stay happy as all these people we consider poor and not educated who are happy without even leaving the place they were born in, or we have to awaken. Spiritual awakening is nothing else but the end of a dream that we consider reality. With spirituality, we return to our origins. We become happy for no reason. We understand the society and what is doing to us, but we choose to leave that behind and turn to God, to love, compassion, peace. That is happiness and when we are happy like that we are just happy, not the happiest, not happier than others, just happy.


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  1. Seek and ye shall find.

    Born alone we die alone in body and mind. We are not just born of a nation-state, place of origin, sex, age, color, race, or physical material characteristics. This is nature of organic life.

    We all come through a door of procreation of Atoms and Sub-Atomic particle-waves that cannot be created or destroyed. Before and after this time and space we exist.

    Is life and creation born only in the short Time and space we are awake or dreaming in a body? I think not. Science thinks not, Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So in matter consciousness in the physical material world we see but a short moment of time and space in a Universe that has of no time and space, Eternity in any mathematics we know. There are more than just you and me in this same phenomena of organic and in organic existence (life). Atoms and Sub-Atomic action is for ever in creation as we know it.

    The miracle of living in a body experiencing the wonder of life and living with duality of love/hate, happy/sad, etc. exemplified by our behavior. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Tries to explain our motives and achievement of self-realization to perfect our own life. Some never get it this time around. What he does is to define Sex a 1. a physiological need and love as a 3. Belonging and Love Need. Ignorance to most humans, countries and fail happiness, loves and nature.

    That precisely explains TODAY. Love/Hate of party and human misery being driven by other’s behavior for selfish reason’s. All times.

    Self-Realization of needs is perfected by each person in their experiences of life by what they do. Get pregnant or Impregnate is costly behavior and carries great cost of future behavior and quality of life, by what YOU do and then have to live.

    Having SEX can be beautiful fulfilling a biological need of sex or love and belonging of family.

    The too can both be accomplish with or without procreation.

    To achieve both separately or in unison of a family of man/women.

    Now friendship and masturbation of 2 or more is a separate discussion. Not procreation.

    Krishna a 13 went out and had sex with all the maiden’s. Just left smiles not children and single mothers, unclean or spoiled.

    It is not what you did but the result of action that makes you free in living. Many of us were accidents of nature or improper use of contraceptive.

    Using abortions for contraception is not only BARBARIC it is modern Murder for convenience and laziness of BAD BEHAVIOR. Each women can keep from being impregnated. Simply knowing her body and the law of procreation. It takes two. So the male owes for his behavior and the rearing of children. Not the state or any 2 other people. Most masturbating relationships simply want state approval and benefits and deductions.

    Live independent as you see Fit, just be responsible for what you Energy effect others. Perfect you behavior to free you body and mind.

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