How Do We Deal With Stress

We all know stress. At some point in our lives, we had or even currently have to deal with it even we wanted or not. Life can be very stressful, and we have to manage it somehow. We have not enough money; we have family problems, work problems, health problem and those problems does not let us sleep at night or push us in the corner during the day. What is stress after all? What is that mechanism and how do we manage it? Stress is associated with pressure or tension, and when that is happening, we do not do well. The thing is that it is not something tangible. We are always talking about it, but we cannot imagine how it is there in the first place. It is not an emotion, nor a feeling but a mechanism that knows us so well that locks us up. Can we live without stress? One cannot even imagine that can be possible. When someone in the same conditions and environment, says that he or she lives stress-free, most of the time we assume that they are lying. Moreover, that is not just possible but is doable by any of us. It is not a secret, and with some practice and understanding, we can live the vacation that we had signed for when we descended on Earth.

The stress is a manifestation of our thoughts that tell us we have to be worried and afraid. If we do not follow something terrible may happen. When we are not conscious of it, we play that game without trying to see what are the rules. We are always thinking and analyzing what should we do, and how to get from a situation that we are in or even worse we may get in. Yes, we become stressed even for potential problems that may appear in our lives. Again, all of the stress is coming from destructive thinking, and that can be corrected with a little effort, or we may say with removing the effort of not thinking of it.

The best way we can achieve conscious state is through meditation because in meditation we remove the interfering thoughts. With some training in that direction, we see no more issues since thoughts are not present. We become relaxed and not just that, but we come to a different understanding. Everything that happens in our lives is not meant to make us worry and automatically stressed. We have to learn two valuable lessons to achieve that: acceptance of what we cannot change and detachment or “let go” lesson.