How Can I Be More Miserable?

Being miserable or more miserable than the day before is easy but not more natural than being happy and content. Our minds can do that with infinite numbers of scenarios. We can go from what someone told us, to people behaviors or events that we believe are affecting us directly. We hear some news, and our minds immediately start the drama. We can see someone, and we can go from marrying that person to the moment that he or she are divorcing us and hating us, just through the power of our minds. Every day we create a favorable environment for a depressing and fearful ground. Step by step we can become what we call the victim, and we are starting to like that, or at least we believe that we love it. We maintain that emotion and make sure it stays there. If it does not, we talk to or call people and let them know how miserable we are.  However, why such question? With or without sarcasm, this question brings people down all the time. When we are just thinking about being miserable, we create the spark of energy needed to start the fire, and that fire will continue to burn us from the inside. How do we do to cause that fire to die out? We can do it like we do it with any fire. We stop bringing more woods to it. We stop thinking of all the negative thought that maintain this fire or even making it more intense. Our thoughts have the power to do one or the other.

“How can I be happy and content?” That is the right question. The definition of happiness is to be happy for no reason. It can be achieved by any of us if we are willing to do so. The first step is the realization of happiness, that is a state of our beings and not a condition. After that is acceptance and detachment. Please see the previous article Happy For No Reason.