Why We Feel Insecure About Our Names?

Many of us are unhappy with their given names. We are blaming parents for such names, and we are even thinking to change them. We change our names because they sound weird or rimes with something inappropriate or some crazy people in history had the same names. We do not want others to make fun of us. We become insecure, and we feel that a simple name can damage us a lot.

The thing is that we are making the name and not the other way around. When we achieve the impossible everyone love the name we have. We must understand that our names are not necessarily relevant. If Jesus would have had a different name, people may say today that Jesus is a name that makes us feel insecure as well as we are saying about our names. But today Jesus is the greatest name in history. The only insecurity we have is not coming from the names or titles but ourselves. We are afraid of what people would say about us, and the name is just a small portion of that fear. Let’s say for example my name is Mihail and some of my colleagues say that is a weird name. Do I feel insecure? Do I feel like changing my name? I do not. I know myself, and my name would not change me at all. I stand my ground; I do not fight back, and I let it go. Those people trying to make fun of me are insecure themselves. All the insults that we may receive from people are not our insecurities or fears but theirs. When we achieve something notable, will always be people who feel insecure trying to bring us down. We have seen it many times. We have just to feel sorry for them and move forward. Our paths are not crossing theirs. That is all. The realization that we are not our names is boosting our confidence and makes our names to represent us without interfering in our lives.

The second part of the story is that we have the name that resonates with us. Every letter in our names is storing sound energy. Vowels are higher notes and consonants are lower frequencies.  Our names are songs if we think about it, same as songs we hear on the radio when we go to work. We may not know or realize that but after all our names have a meaning in our lives. When we have planned this life, we may have chosen everything, family, location, and names as well. Our parents may be just the mediums in our affairs.