Does A Longer Life Make Us Happier?

We all want to have longer lives. Many of us, if we ask them, would like to live forever in these bodies, even considering forever is an inadequate word for a plane that is caught in time. This life here is a great experience, but the longer it gets, the more corrupted our beings will become. We can see the straightforward example of the rich people. They will do anything to extend their lives, and in the end, they create so much Karma that will be needed ten more lives to clear that up. We always believe that living longer we will be happier, but that is only an illusion. The only reason we believe so it is because we are afraid of death.

We hear many times the expression “He is the angel of death,” but that does not mean death is an angel. Death is a natural process from both point of views, material and not material. In the material world, we have to die to maintain the circle of life. In the spiritual world, we have to come back to the source when our experience is achieved.
Either way, we should not be afraid of it because it is not the end since there is no beginning.

We know that life goes forever because we are infinite beings created by God. We do not even need confirmation but only when we cage the light inside us forgetting our origins and letting fears to come in.

Death is the greatest blessing for a pessimist, but for an optimist, it is just the end of an adventure. We must live our lives at full intensity because we are here with a reason, having a purpose to fulfill. If we are just waiting for death to bless us, we will defeat its purpose. After all, death is a great Gift from God same as life. Death is the way that brings us home, back to the source, to God.