How To Face Our Fears?

What is fear? Fear is the strongest negative emotion that we may have. Many of us are going to extreme levels of fears that it may even paralyze our bodies. Scientists are trying to explain fear through the chemicals created by our brains and send over through our bodies. As a result, we experience high blood pressure, increase of the heart and respiratory rates and overall the body starts to shut down. As always we are not trying to fix the problem but to adjust the symptoms. For a moment let’s give science a break and search for why are we afraid? Who and why is generating that kind of energy that put our bodies at risks? Everything within the mechanism of fear is a direct result of our minds. We create the scenarios and the proper environment to cultivate fears. We are afraid of not succeeding, we are scared of the society and of what others think and say about us, we are afraid of getting sick, and ultimately we are fearful of death. However, after all, we use our minds to nurture and grow all our fears being responsible for the emotions that may affect us every single minute. We can consider ourselves the saboteurs when creating and pushing all these thoughts. As we know negative thoughts make negative things to happen, so, if we are afraid of something and keep bragging about it, it will happen. It is a saying “What you are afraid of, you cannot escape” and even we know that we persist with destructive thinking. Later, we come and say we have to face our fears. We hear that, read about it or see it on TV all the time. So, if we are afraid of death should we face death and everything would be fine later? Maybe, or maybe not. This idea is not the best one. We do not have to face our fear; we must understand its construct. First of all, we must block all the fear energy directed at us. Why should we be afraid of what our neighbor would say if we wear short pants at work? We have been thought to be afraid of the bullies because all the people that make us afraid for one reason or another are bullies, nothing else.

Understanding the pressure that society is trying to put on us is the first step in stop being afraid. We do not have to face the fear, but realizing is nothing to be afraid of. Logical thinking is great but sometimes can bring so many ghosts to us that is better not to think at all.