Can We Sacrifice Happiness For Others?

That is a misconception that we have heard it many times. We cannot sacrifice happiness for others because our sacrifice will not help. How can our unhappiness become happiness for someone else? The whole mislead comes from the wrong idea of happiness. Sacrificing may refer to the material world. We should spend less for ourselves to give our kids a decent life, believing that we make the sacrifice of happiness. That is nothing but creating happiness for ourselves through selfishness. There is no sacrifice there. Most of the time we believe that we give up so much for others does not have the purpose of creating happiness for them. We can very well follow the example of Jesus. He is the one who sacrificed everything in life for others but not to make them happy. He did it to make all of us understand salvation and happiness. Ultimately he did it for himself. He did not have the purpose of sacrificing himself to evolve because all the actions that he took were from the heart, with love and compassion, but with all of that he became a saint, he had advanced to different levels of consciousness. We are just following his steps. We are thinking that we give up so much for the loved ones, but we are doing it out of love and not from a necessity to make them happy. When we do that we receive the God’s grace, the energy that fulfills ourselves and makes our beings to vibrate in harmony with the source.
We are used to the idea coming from our parents that we should be grateful for what they did for us, but that concept was passed from generations to generations with a wrong meaning. If we are too aware of the fact that we have given life and took care of our children, we are still arrogant. We become enlightened only when we are helping others without awareness, without thinking that we have to help because we have heard that in church. We are not trying to say that is not good because it is. When people are mobilizing and help others is great, but that should come from our hearts, unconditionally and independent of others. We are like that; we are humans, and that transpire in being kind and compassionate. That is no sacrifice but the traditional way of God’s approach.