Who Would Know?

We pass through life sometimes with honesty sometimes with greed and anger. No matter what we do, we are telling ourselves that nobody will find out. What we have is a private bank of information, and we are the only ones having access to it. That is what the surface mind is telling us when we play dirty at work at home, or we engage in different kind of politics. For most of the time, things look good, and our protection mechanism seems to be working as expected, but one day we may be awakened from that nightmare in disguise. We have one witness whom we cannot ignore, our souls, our consciousness. That is our true-selves, and as much as our minds are trying to override creating the well-known mister ego, the conscience will always emerge from the deepest corner of the prison that minds have created. The consciousness is the greatest witness when we will once more ascend to God. There is no judgment after our physical death but the one that our pure consciousness will impose on ourselves. We may say that is God’s judgment since our souls are energy from her source. During the lifetime here on Earth, we hear that voice inside telling us to change our ways, but out of fear or convenience, we refuse to listen. As one of our magnificent teachers, Lao Tzu said: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading,” we may end up in a wrong place. We must listen to the voice of truth that we carry with us at all time. That part of us is God speaking through us and is the purest form of energy that ever existed. We know it with all our hearts and even some of us who are caging the light embracing the darkness recognize it and become afraid. In desperation, our minds are looking for any improvisation that could fix this issue but that cannot be settled. What we refuse to understand is that fear is not coming in from God. It is a result of the absence of God. Fear is nothing but lack of love. We must come to the final understanding that we have separated from God to understand and embrace the light, and that is our experiment and agreement.


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  1. gabimili says:


    By Octavian Paller

    Translated by Sorana Lucia Salomeia

    We have time for everything:
    to sleep, to run from one place to another,
    to regret having mistaken and to mistake again,
    to judge the others and to forgive
    we have time for reading and writing,
    for making corrections to our texts, to regret ever having
    we have time to make projects and never
    respect them,
    we have time to make illusions and gamble
    through their ashes later on.
    We have time for ambitions and illnesses,
    to blame it all on ambitions and details,
    we have time to watch the clouds, advertisements or
    some ordinary accident,
    we have time to chase our wonders away
    and to postpone the answers,
    we have time to break a dream to pieces and then
    to reinvent it,
    we have time to make friends, lose them,
    we have time to learn our lessons and then
    forget them quickly afterwards,
    we have time to be given gifts and not understand them.
    We have time for them all.
    But there is no time for just a drop of tenderness.
    When we are about to get to that too – we die.

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