We Have Claimed The Moon

Many of us have doubts that we, humans never set foot on the moon, but our greed is so inflated that we do not care. We have claimed the Moon. The Moon is ours, we own the Moon. Even worse is not the humanity claiming the moon but some humans. There are agencies that have the “right” to sell lunar land. How is that possible? God created the Earth, the Moon for every single one of us. There is no discrimination, and still, some of us are claiming that they have the right to sell land. That is illegal not by human laws but by God laws. At some point, all the resources that God provided for us became properties of a small percentage of humans. We want to build a house; we have to buy land. We want to drink water; we have to pay. There is no shame in any of us who want to enslave others. Now is the Moon to be sold. When we first hear about it we may think is a joke. Well, it is not. There are so many so-called “Celestial Real Estate Agencies” claiming that sell cheap land on the Moon and many of the celebrities already purchased. We have to rush. Otherwise, we may not have a piece of the Moon. We cannot even say it is ridiculous because it is way beyond that. When will we understand that nothing is here to be claimed? Everything is a gift from God that we all can enjoy, but no, we do not agree to that. We buy and sell every resource that we can. This methodology is the evil that we have read or talked about. We want more. We have the Earth; we want the Moon, we Have the Moon we want Mars. Our greed soon will break the solar system borders. Still, we keep asking ourselves. If there are aliens in our universe, why they do not wish to contact us, to help us, to teach us being more aware? We know why. We are not ready, and the way we think and act we may not ever be ready. However, the aliens may be already on the dark side of the Moon, but we buy land there so they may have to go. Moon is ours, make room we are buying. We have no right to claim anything because it is not ours to claim. Our greed and anger pushed us beyond imagination. The fact that buying lunar land it is a scam does not even matter. We have proved our intentions. We do not want to evolve and expand our consciousness; we want to inflate our egos and materialistic properties. Awakening is upon us, but we must embrace it. The way we are acting we are rejecting God and the His righteousness. Everyone must start with him or herself, and that example will be followed. It is comfortable and convenient to blame others while we agree to buy lunar land.