A Great Teacher

How do we define a great teacher? Every single one of us has encountered teachers during our lives in many areas. Some of them were great teachers some not so enlightened. What does it take for the ones who we have considered great? It is the passion and the humanity they put in their teachings. It is the fact that they want to share everything they know and pass their knowledge to the generations to come. They have no secrets and most of all they teach their students to become teachers on their own. We can follow the example of Jesus here. He gave us everything and enlightened us saying “What I can do you can do and even more.” He was the greatest teacher who wanted everyone to be like him, not just a student but a master.
When we see all these so-called great education organizations that look for a lot of money and teach course after course without ever ending, we must stay away. When they make us sign contracts and agreements that we cannot use their “unique” method to teach others it is a magnified sign that we should look for that teaching in other places.

One of the courses I took was Reiki Master. The course was amazing but more than that I was so pleased to acknowledge that from now on I can teach others. I can share freely the knowledge passed from generation to generation. That is being a great teacher, that is the way it should be.

We are discovering the same concept in any teaching including spiritual schooling or meditation. We should not judge and give names because that is not our calling. However, all of the people who consider themselves spiritual and charging thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for meditation or other spiritual practices and seminars without giving us a perspective of how we can become ourselves teachers are nothing but charlatans, and we must avoid them at any cost. Of course, living in a society that uses money as a trade of energy there is no shame to charge for service since we all have to pay our bills. However, what we have mentioned above is a sign of greediness. A true teacher teaches with love from the heart, and he or she will be more than happy to share their experience. Doing so, we become fulfilled and know that we did not waste our lives.
How do we become ourselves, great teachers? We must do what God is doing. Unconditional giving in knowledge, in this case, compassion and help for anyone hungry for that knowledge. Whoever keeps any knowledge and experience as a secret is someone who decided to move away from God. The more secrets we keep from fellow humans, the less human we become.



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  1. So True. My first adviser said: “Know Thy Self”. And said good bye. Spent much time on that. Went back to school after the US Army. Consentrated and Married so conscentration was easy and my grades with mostly just effort went from C’s to A’s. Later SQ4R made the effort easy as a Method of HOW TO study. This Adviser said pick you Teachers as you suggest. You can have a Harvard Degree at any college.

    Ironically in the Mental Test in the US Army some swinging richard siad if you work ahead I will have you court Martialed. So i hit was I know today as Calculas. I stopped. later other Basic Train GI’s said Biil, I went through skipping over 4 times. So my mental score was the same C+ AS HIGHE SCHOOl. Ironic, since I knew I could learn, just did not know HOW. Perpetuartion of a lives struggle again.,

    Well the US Army did teach me to Compete Against My Self. As you suggest. The door was open.

    CALCULUS: The foreign Polish America with very broken English woul read these Formlas (book 3″ THICK). Thas whas his teaching. Not What, Why When or How) the basis of all past action, moement and future action and event UNDERSTANDING. The TA said if you do not Understand the Formula Memorize it. He too Japanese with borken English.

    Well I dropped that course and took a Busuess Calculus Classe. A Chinese Teacher with great English. He introduced Calculus and Intragal and Differential. Intragal was Volumn, Like how much Gold (Mount Rainier in our view Behind the Teacher) could you put into a Open Box (4 x 3 and 3″ high). Differential was Irregular demension, Like an irregular field Fenche. Then he taught the class Algerbra, Trig, and Geometry all prerequisits the Students voted to review. Of course I got by A. He was a Teacher.

    That is the same teacher I found in My Guru. Parmahansa Yoganda. 50 years ago.

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