Are We Creators?

We, humans, created many things. From houses to cars and computers, we hold through our history great inventions. That is what we believe. However, what we do is more like imitating than creating and more than that we create against nature and we still cannot create energy. We are just altering the energy provided to us. Mother Earth has an incredible mechanism of regeneration because same as us, humans, she is a being. She is working on a different level and with different energies but the principle is the same. For instance, we get sick, and then our bodies find a way to fix the problem, and we are healthy again. The problem with Earth is that our creations managed to sicken her much faster than she is healing. We are consuming way more than we need and we do not care about tomorrow. Tomorrow is our children’s present, and we should be more aware of it. We must create keeping balance in check at all time. We must put a break on how much money we can make without caring how much energy we have to transform. When we may be looking back of what have we achieved, it could be a little scary. What do we do with a supercomputer or a super rocket when we would have nothing to eat anymore. We must understand that we have to create in harmony with nature and not working against it. Looking at all the animals we can see they create too, but nothing is out of balance. Ants, for instance, build complex structures proving a tremendous collective intelligence but is nothing out of balance. Same with birds or ground species. It is straightforward to understand balance in Universe, and we have always known it, but we have chosen to ignore it. God gave us the gift of creation, and we must use it for our evolution and not our doom.