Is Being Sick A Punishment?

In a previous article “Why Do We Get Sick” we have explained the mechanism of getting sick. We may ask the next question “Is that a  punishment?” When we get sick we feel restricted; we feel prisoners in our own bodies That sounds like a punishment.

We have learned from different religions that we may get punished for our actions. Getting ill, we may think that is a punishment that God imposed on us. We look back, and we want to understand what causes us to break the healthy cycle and get anything from a cold to a more complicated disease. Well, getting sick is less likely to be a punishment, at least not from God. Many times, especially for old people when we know that we are done and is nothing left to be accomplished we are looking to leave this place, to end this life decently. For instance, suicide is not a decent way most of the time, if not all the time. The negative energy created by ending a life before its time is going to stay with us and it will be hard to balance it back. Paying back the Karma it is something that we have to do, and it would be more pain and suffering after all. It is easier to create a disease because most of the diseases are self-creation. Yes, some factors can help, but ultimately we are the ones that use these factors to manifest illness. All of us may say that is not true. We do not want to get sick, and still, it is happening, but that is our surface mind talking. If we look deeper, we may find other things that we could not have imagined to be true. Under hypnosis, many of us explain why did we get sick and how we can fix the problem. Strangely or not sometimes a disease is the ultimate way that our consciousness tells us to change our ways. Lao-Tzu has a great quote: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” That is how our consciousness is trying to change direction. In some other cases, many diseases came from our way of lives. We work too much, we are stressed, and we do not fill our purposes. The pure state of our beings, the souls, will try to correct and sometimes the measures are drastic. In other cases, we do punish ourselves. We play the victim roles and that inevitably bring us an energetic imbalance. In other cases, we are already trying to balance back previous actions, or we have an experience that we have chosen before. That are so many cases when for the sickness of our bodies and minds but far away for being a punishment from God.