Education Lessons

What do we learn in school? Everyone or almost everyone remembers how was to be in school. But after finishing that adventure how do we feel about it? It as worth it? We are not talking here about having a future if we go to school but the actual teaching. Let’s start with the basic principles. The first thing that we learn is that we must be number one and the school is nothing but a competition machine. We just talk in school about teamwork and cooperation, but in reality, we want our kids to be the best. Why? That is because we have learned the same way from our teachers and our parents. We do not realize that we are few geniuses in our human history and we can achieve more from cooperating with each other and putting our brains together. We, humans, have been and evolved as communities and not as individuals. Why then are we pushing the individuality in everything on our children? Yes, we are unique, but we are not here to promote individuality and competition. We are here to assist humanity in spiritual evolution. Helping and caring for each other will make us understand the purpose, and with that, the physical development will beautifully take place and not through fighting and fear.
What else do we learn in school? We learn through memorizing knowledge. The better memory we have, visually or mentally the greater we think we are. We believe that we will do great in the future, but we forget that computers and other artificial intelligence can easily beat us on that. We should do that to help us expand our horizons, but it should not be the most important lesson.
More than that, school is becoming a mechanism for an early stage of control. We learn what we suppose to accomplish and the higher hierarchies influence those standards in our society. We learn to be obedient and listen to the teachers as they were God. We cannot contradict our professors most of the time without being categorized as bad seeds. As parents, we agree with the teachers and not with our kids. We should be more responsible and listen more carefully to what children have to say. We believe in punishment at school and at home injecting fear in our children, and that is exactly what the system wants us to do. Recently I saw a great video about a school where kids instead of being sent to detention, they are taking meditation and yoga classes. That should be taught in school. We should learn how to maintain the connection with God and how to be peaceful and happy and not to stay under the spell of terror and fear. Everything that we have talked about is nothing but common sense. Still, we prefer to do the opposite. We have been doing it for so long, and we can see it is not working, This is insanity as Einstein mentioned: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We have to change our ways starting from our early development in this life. The school must be an orientation in life with the scope of fulfilling the purpose.