The Matrix

We may have seen the movie “The Matrix.” In that movie, we, humans lived a dual role. In the matrix, we were humans living their lives in a fake reality as we know it and by the other reality we were dreaming of the illusory world and at the same time we were the batteries that the machines needed to exist. The movie was cool, but the metaphor was truly what we have become. We forgot our identity and lived this life pretending that we are the physicality and not the soul. This mistake cost us much since some of us are aware of it and taking advantages. We are the batteries that feed them in their hope that they will become free. However, the ones who played the role of the vampires, fall deeper into the darkness since they are becoming so afraid of losing the control. It is a show that plays in front of us, and still, we are blind or too asleep to see it. Working for corporations or institutions, we are along with other physical resources a resource. We are even being called “Human Resources,” and we have nothing to say about it. We feed others with our energy, and that is being done with our agreement. Through a spiritual awakening, we come to realize that that movie was an awakening call that we have ignored as we do it with every spiritual bell that rings, hoping to awake our poor souls. We must be awakened and realize we have lived an illusion for many generations. Some of us do, but most keep following the path that goes in a circle. We may have seen the ramification pointing us to the light, but we refuse to awake from the dream that becomes a “Groundhog Day.” We repeat day after day the scenario that we do not want to play until we finally take the path to the light. However, that path for many of us is the day of our death, and that is most unfortunate. Teachers and enlighten beings pointed us to the door so we can follow the light. Some did some did not, but is never too late for any of us. We can raise from the darkness to see the light once our eyes of the souls are wide open. We only have to open the eyes. God, that is so simple yet somehow so hard to do it.