Why Does Life Seem To Be More Difficult When We Get Older?

I have a colleague that has a funny motto on her desk. It says “The older I get, the better I was.” I could not stop laughing just thinking of it, but on the other hand, we hold the belief that getting old is a terrible thing. We look around and see that getting older we may get sick, we become disable or just lose interest in life.

The difficulty of our lives is based on ones created reality. We can see many of us growing old and being happier and more active than young people. To them, life is relaxed and joyful. It is the society in many countries that induce the fear and the concept that old people have nothing to achieve or to look for in the future. We cannot help but think of what we did wrong, or we could not reach in our lives where is no such thing. That kind of thinking and judging of ourselves bring to us many regrets that are negative energy. Again, we forget to live in the present and pursue our purpose. As long as we live is never too late to follow our paths.

When we stop thinking about, we realize that every period in life is coming with a great experience that we must embrace and enjoy. Knowing that once this experience is complete, we return home is nothing to fear or worry about. We are here to experience all feelings and create different emotions through our beings. If we stop experiencing and we just wait for death, we cease living. It is not the same to live or to enjoy living. When we detach from all beliefs and judgments, we become great observers and we know observing is the best way of experiencing. If we get to fixated on our diseases or the impotence of our bodies judging and regretting, we lose the gift and become victims waiting for the last day.
Life is not difficult and had never supposed to be. Life is a gift, maybe the best gift in existence. Being young or old we still should spend this great adventure with passion and joy. Doing so, we may not even get sick. Many of us passed without one day of physical pain and suffering. That is what we can do to make life easier.


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  1. gabimili says:

    “Last night I dreamed I was a butterfly. Now I do not know, am I a man who dreamed it was a butterfly, or a butterfly that dreams of being a man?” – Taoist parable

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