Why Animals Are More Peaceful Than Humans?

Watching any documentary about animals either wild or domestic, we realize that they are much more peaceful than humans. Lions do not attack unless they are hungry and that is happening a couple of times a week. Rest of the time lions live peacefully around zebras or wildebeests. Most of the time conflicts raise in between animals just over food. If food is abundant, there is no conflict whatsoever. What is wrong with us, humans then? Even if we have shelter and food, we do not want to live in peace with our neighbors. We become obsessed to hold massive reserves, and we believe that never is enough. Recently I saw in a window a magazine, and its cover was saying “More, More, More.” We have been polluted with all of that on TV or in magazines and on the radio. As long we understand the mechanism of making money we cannot understand how did we engage in such game. We keep collecting clothes, cars, homes, and it is never enough. That is the reason we cannot live peacefully like all the animals on the planet. We have used our “great” minds to develop something that animals do not have: the ego. We believe we are better than others and we deserve more. However, feeding the ego, we do not do any good because the ego is never satisfied. We want the newest gadgets, the most modern fashionable clothes, the latest car models and no one can stop us from our pursuit. What is happening is that we do not realize we became the slaves and the executors of the ego and we can never be at peace. We have discussed many times before. “We cannot fight the ego. If we do it, ego always wins.” We must stop feeding it. That is the way we will bring balance and return to a peaceful state with ourselves. God has gifted us with higher consciousness, and we must use it. The mind is nothing but an instrument that should be at our service, a tool of our souls we can say. We must feed our souls and then everything that we do would be in service of humanity and the evolution of humanity. Most of us do not need anything more than we have to be happy and at peace. Still, we refuse to see it. We should take the animals example. We should understand how they live in peace and harmony with nature. We have been there once; we can do it again. Our egos could be associated with evil because our actions as long as the ego controls them are harmful and they could be considered evil. We must turn that around. We must bring peace through the love of the heart, and our souls will sing the song of God.


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  1. gabimili says:

    Perhaps the animals are in peace and balance with nature (although they are not), but yet the animals do not have internet nor blogging. Only the style of humans (as critically as it is) is compatible with technological progress. A price must be paid for everything. Is this a too expensive price? Who knows! It depends only on where we will reach.

    Perhaps returning to the balance could bring peace and happiness, but it would certainly bring about stagnation. Maybe we have somewhere to come, and that there is only that way, with more, more, more, and not different.

    1. From a physical perspective you are right from a spiritual one well you are not wrong but different.

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