Is Death A Blessing?

Many of us live with the fear of death. Moreover, that is not to be considered life. When we live in fear life is not lived fully. Let’s look at a very straightforward example. We watch the news showing us it is a virus on the lose. People may die from this new virus which is extremely dangerous. What do we do? We start taking measures. We do not go out having dinner any longer or even we are skipping a nice walk in the park on a beautiful day. We wash our hands every five minutes and stay indoor checking the news waiting for a resolution. What do we achieve with that? We stop living. Fear is caging our souls. That is one example of many, but once the mechanism of fear is taking place, we are doomed in this life. Ultimately is fear of death that prevents us from living a happy life as we have been expected to do. In the end, we have started believing that death is a blessing that stops our miserable lives. Is that so? What if, because our life is a full “if” of a complex path, we stop being afraid? We may end up with the same “d” day, but life becomes a vacation. When we can enjoy every aspect of our lives, we become happy beings and is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, we are here to do so. We must experience life from the happiness perspective. We must realize that death is nothing to worry about, it is just the end of a chapter or the end of a trip. So what? There are many others to come. We must enjoy this trip and think of nothing else, not the past nor the future one. When we go on vacation, do we think about the next one while we are there? No, we do not. We try to make the best of it. That is life, the vacation that we enjoy at that specific moment. That moment is now. We live now, and happiness, enjoyment, and content must be the result of the moment we live in. We heard that talk all the time in many spiritual circles and as long we agree with it we must also experience it. Some of us say “live the life like you will die tomorrow.” We should say “live the life like is no tomorrow.” With that concept, death has no importance and may come whenever it comes. We would be enjoying our vacation no matter how long will be on the beach. While being there, the sun will shine dismissing that tomorrow we will have to live.


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    There may be several valid perspectives on the same issue … here is another one: Ca şi cum ar fi ultima.

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