Is Reality Absolute Or Perception?

First of all, we should define reality. When looking in the dictionary, the reality is defined as “the world or the state of things as they actually exist” or “the state or quality of having existence or substance.” How do we know these things exist? We use our senses, and as long we can feel, touch, see or hear we believe that is the reality. If that is true how come we, humans, have a different perception of reality? In the same situation, we observe the world around us, and some of us may say “a city is beautiful” others say “that city is horrible.” Do we see and feel the same thing? This is one of many examples that proves that reality is more than we can see or feel. Reality is what we create in our minds. People may see ghosts or something that we cannot even imagine, and then we say they have a disease, they are crazy. What if we are crazy? Why is that the majority dictates normality? That is because we are not sure what reality is and we go with the flow. Going deeper into understanding when we meditate, for instance, we may have different experiences. It is happening with any human being willing to give a try to spiritual practice. Is that experience real? Most of us say that is our imagination or crazy thoughts and that is not real. That is not the reality. How about in the future we all, or majority will adopt spiritual practices? The majority will dictate normality, and our reality will change. Our perceptions create reality, and we must understand that reality is such a tiny thing. Every night we go to bed, and sometimes we say that we have dreams that seem so present. We called them lucid dreams. How do we know that the dreams are not real? We pushed ourselves to believe that the world we live in day after day is reality and our beliefs are so strong that we simply refuse to walk the path with an open mind. Our reality is simple: the mind is closed, the heart is closed, we are closed, and our bodies walk into a world that we call reality. When that is happening we refuse to see anything else; we refuse to see the world of God as it is and we believe that death is the end. That is the talk of angry people that we have become. We must return to our true senses and see beyond the horizon. It is always something new there to discover, but we have to believe and be open to new realities and experiences.


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    Now to me the discussion is not the the What, Why, When. It is How to experience the Miracle in Action of conscious, sub-consciouse with Super Conscius Mind inthe body (flesh) becoming Spirit. The How TO and Experience of Heaven or Spiritual World beyond human Needs (Wants, Emotions and Sense Pleasure) of body and mind. That is all the human can deal with. What is in Heaven is an experience. 7 Candle Sticks or Millions of Delusion for and aft. Obviously living for matter is a limitation of delusion. The Mammon. Not the spirirt that may be the Rocket Ship or Destination.

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