Can We Feel God’s Love?

Many beings are coming here to help, incarnating in a human body. It looks an easy job from the outside, but then many of us do not like it at all here, and we feel lost. We forget why are we here and what do we suppose to do. If we think that way we are not able to adjust here on Earth and it does not feel like home. Some of us may be those beings, coming from a higher frequency trying to help. The recommendation is to have a QHHT past life regression hypnosis session, and the real purpose will be revealed. Through hypnosis, we find our mission. It is better for us to understand it ourselves and not being told what it is.

We must learn to adjust and see the beauty in the world. If we change our perspectives, we will see something that we have missed before. We find the love of God everywhere and in everything. We feel that coming from our children, animals, or the scent of a beautiful flower. We are born with that love and from the love of God. Not feeling it, it means we do not pay attention, we have become lost in the materialistic world, and we need to change direction.
We may be surprised that God reveals Herself even when we do not believe in Him or when we become angry with Him.
When a child tells his/her parents that he/she hates them, what are the parents doing? They see a lost ship, and they try to bring it back. Love of the parents will never vanish even the kids are saying “I hate you.” At the time of darkness in the children’s souls, we are reminding them that we love them no matter what and we will never give up on them. We are parents so we can understand the love of God. Moreover, we do appreciate it when we see our children. In the beginning, they need us, they love us, but later they leave and forget their love. Same we do with God, but God never stops loving and waiting for us to return. Love is all around us and is inside ourselves; it is in us it is just we forget it from time to time.